Monday, 11 July 2016

MUSIC: Love Ghost - Friday Afternoon

If there's something missing from the music world at the moment, for me, it's a classic rock sound. These days, I find that rock music either falls into being heavy 'metal' music or falls between the lines of pop/rock but  we never have that classic sound. That's where Love Ghost comes into action with their new single 'Friday Afternoon'.
Love Ghost, surprisingly, is made up of five incredibly talented teenagers, the frontman, Finn Bell is only 15 but that's hard to believe as his lyrics and musical arrangements are mature and beyond his years. They have a raw musical style inspired by the 90's grunge mixing with alternative rock to create their modern sound of rock music whilst still keeping it classic and timeless.

'Friday Afternoon' itself is about standing up for yourself particularly in your teenage years, where I feel a lot of people struggle. The mix of strings with the typical rock sound of guitars and drums adds a unique take. With the soft voice from Finn Bell it's a captivating track with a lot of depth to it. Bell's voice sounds incredibly mature throughout the track and is very impressive to have that amount of grit and emotion in his voice at such a young age. The chorus becomes that of a classic rock tracks that I would listen to when I was younger with that more echoing sound. It's clear to see influences from Nirvana, Alice In Chains and Smashing Pumpkins.

It's a brilliant debut from such a young band who've been together just over a year. They've also had some great success already opening for artists such as The Tubes and Berlin as well as playing festivals including Make Music Pasadena and Echo Park Rising. It'll be surprising if these don't make some noise coming into the world of rock music.

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